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Social Development in India

Institute of Social Development (Registered NGO in the State of Rajasthan, India) founded in the year 2002 primarily focuses on Social Development in India - locally and nationally. Helping poor and needy using chain of volunteers is the basic methodology. Please just don't visit the website - but do something for the poor! First - join the group of volunteers using Volunteer Registration form and tell us what volunteer services you could provide (such as medical help if you are a doctor, legal advice if you are a lawyer) days you would like to volunteer (such as Saturday, Sunday of the week) and location of your choice (such as Jaipur, Ajmer, Sikar, Ratangarh, Nohar). Second - do your local field survey and register details of poor people in need of financial assistance for medical emergency and blood donation especially who have no access or knowledge of internet. Third - spread the word by sharing our website link with your facebook friends, twitter followers and blog subscribers so the organizations, schools, colleges, hospitals, corporate, press, media could be educated of the causes we are currently supporting. 
Join the workforce of Institute of Social Development by registering as a Volunteer
Take the help of the public in raising funds for your medical emergency free of cost - you never know who is about to help you
Need blood donation urgently or may be needing it in the near future - post your requirement to the public
Call Manzill Surolia
Mobile +91 9571011454

Find the list of Volunteers workforce of Institute of Social Development and growing every day
Help people who need financial assistance for medical emergency (no inter-mediation so your full funds reach to the needy)
Donate blood to the needy or plan for the week or month based on your last donation